November 2012

  • Characterizing Permanent Magnet Materials with a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  • Berkeley Lab Researchers Unlock Ferromagnetic Secrets of Promising Materials
  • MEDER electronic Announces 3-D Magnetic Mapping Of Reed Sensors
  • Lake Shore Introduces the Model 648 Electromagnet Power Supply
  • Collaboration Accelerates Development of Revolutionary Wind Turbine Technology
  • Bruker Announces Three New Orders for Solid-State Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR Systems
  • IDT Wireless Power Solutions Selected by Primax for Wireless Charging Accessories
  • BuQu Tech Unveils 2013 Product Roadmap for Magnetyze Magnetic Charging System
  • Molycorp Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results
  • DOD Investment in Thomas & Skinner’s “Neo” Magnet Research
  • Expanded Product Offering and Custom Capabilities from API Technologies’ Magnetics Group
  • Global Market for Superconductivity Technologies to Reach $3.3 Billion in 2017

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