October 2012

  • Three-Axis Magnetic Field Measurement: From Nanoteslas to 14 Tesla
  • Dry-Run Experiments Verify Key Aspect of Nuclear Fusion Concept
  • MEDER electronic Announces 3-D Magnetic Mapping Of Reed Sensors
  • Linear Actuator Packs Powerful Peak Force of 500 lbs.
  • AVX Develops High Quality Multilayer Organic Capacitors
  • Power Transformer Design Site Demonstrates Benefits of Software Automation
  • New Magnetic Separator for Flexible-Hose, Pneumatic Line Systems
  • Electron Energy Corp. Expands Capacity with Opening of Second Facility
  • IMC Completes Design Work for Centralized RE Separation Plant
  • Bunting Magnetics Europe Limited Acquires E-Magnets UK Limited
  • New Information on PM Materials Published

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