eNL Jan 2019

Superior Essex Brings Onstream New Magnet Wire Plant in Eastern Europe

Superior Essex (SPSX) has opened its new magnet wire factory in eastern Europe, only eight months after breaking ground. The 14,000-square-meter facility is located in Zrenjanin, Serbia about 90 miles from the capital, Belgrade.
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Major Investments by Carpenter Technology
Carpenter Technology Corporation has announced plans for adding an Emerging Technology Center on its Athens, Alabama campus. Expected to open in about 12 months, the facility will initially focus on additive manufacturing technology development, with future investments slated for soft magnetics and meltless titanium powder.
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Yageo Acquires Pulse Electronics for $740M Which Earlier Acquired Egston Holdings
Taiwan’s Yageo Corp has agreed to acquire Pulse Electronics of San Diego for $740 million in cash, in turn absorbing Eggston Holdings of Austrria which was acquired by Pulse only months earlier. The string of deals brings together three top manufacturers of magnetic and electronic components into a new global powerhouse.
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