Next-generation Triaxis position sensor from Melexis for automotive applications

Stray Field ImmunityMelexis has introduced a next-generation monolithic magnetic sensor family, consisting of the MLX90371 and MLX90372, which provides robust absolute position sensing for automotive applications including powertrain actuators, pedals, and gear shifters.

Both new devices consist of a TriaxisHall magnetic front-end, an analog to digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing and an output stage driver. Due to the integrated magneto concentrator they are sensitive to magnetic flux in three planes (X, Y & Z). This facilitates the decoding of the absolute rotary or linear position of any moving magnet, enabling the design of non-contact position sensors. A key feature of both parts is the robustness against stray fields that are increasingly present due to the electrification of modern vehicles, especially EV and HEV. By measuring a magnetic field gradient, the device is intrinsically insensitive to stray fields at levels required by many major automotive manufacturers. Their ability to operate with a reduced magnetic field means that smaller and lower-cost magnets can also be used, ideal for space and cost-constrained automotive applications.

The MLX90372 device includes an additional input pin that makes it possible to fully integrate other sensors such as temperature, pressure, or switch inputs allowing for the additional signal to be transmitted over the SENT output, reducing wire harness size and complexity. We are excited to be launching this next-generation family that builds upon our long history of magnetic sensing and patented Triaxistechnology, Nick Czarnecki, marketing manager said. The automotive business is striving to meet new challenges and the performance enhancements of our new offering will significantly contribute to key advancements.
The MLX90371 and MLX90372 are available in several versions for rotary and linear motion sensing and are a drop-in replacement for the MLX90364, MLX90365, MLX90366 and MLX90367, thereby bringing performance enhancements to earlier designs. A PCB-less dual mold package is available for integration directly into an assembly without requiring a printed circuit board.

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