New Modeling Methods in Flux Part of Major Software Update by Altair

With the latest version of Altair Flux, electromagnetic designers will benefit from new modeling methods and will get accurate results faster. The new version is part of a comprehensive software update release that Altair is calling the most significant in its history. 

“Thanks to the constant collaboration with G2ELab laboratory, Flux brings improved iron loss calculations based on its unique Loss Surface model,” notes Vincent Leconte, senior director of global business development for electromechanical solutions with Altair, who pointed out specific changes in Flux for Magnetics Magazine. “It also provides a new Volume Integral Method to deal with situations where flux leakage is important, with great time savings on both entering and solving models in 3D.”

“In addition,” said Leconte, “the link with 1D system level simulation tools like Altair Activate have never been so simple and efficient, with the new export in the FMI standard. For the concept design of electric machines, Altair FluxMotor provides a very intuitive interface to evaluate multiple motor configurations within minutes. With the latest version, FluxMotor is going multiphysics. In addition to electromagnetic characteristics, it now provides results on the thermal and the NVH performance of the machines, which are two key constraints of the design. This is a major step allowing multiphysics optimizations very early in the design process, finding the best topologies in a reduced time.” 

G2ELab in Grenoble, France 

The Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory (G2Elab) encompasses a scientific scope that extends from materials and devices to the design and management of electrical energy systems. With around 100 permanent staff, around 100 PhD students and more than 70 masters students, post-docs and visiting professors, G2Elab is a significant international center for the study of the energy efficiency of electrical energy devices and systems. It is part of the University Grenoble Alpes located in Grenoble, France.

All of Altair’s software products have been updated in the new release. Other applications for electromagnetic design and multiphysics include SimLab for electric motor modeling and coupling with AcuSolve and Flux; Feko which provides a component library tightly integrated with computer aided design capabilities. 

James Scapa, CEO of Altair

“Our teams are always driven to develop and provide access to a range of different technologies that enable our customers to break through complex problems, and explore and discover on their own terms,” said James Scapa, chairman, founder and chief executive officer of Altair. “This software update release is the largest collection of our applications for design, simulation, and data analytics.” 

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