Registration for Space Tech Expo Connect is now Open

Space Tech Expo Connect, Space Tech Expo’s fully digital event will take place August 10 – 13.  Space Tech Expo Connect will feature more than 200 exhibition partners and 3000 visitors from the worldwide aerospace, smallsat and new-space communities. Visitors can expect to interact with […]


CWIEME Shanghai Rescheduled For 2021

CWIEME Shanghai along with its co-partner and organizer, CCPITECC have recently announced that the event scheduled for July 29-31 has been delayed. “We have been monitoring the situation very carefully,” the organization said. “With the ongoing […]


Torqeedo Powers Through the Boat Market While Leading Diesel Engine Maker Deutz in Electrification Strategy

Using Neodymium magnets and axial flux motor designs, electric motor developer Torqeedo of Germany is powering through a flurry of innovations to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers bent on electrifying marine mobility. At the same […]


SENIS and Its Founder Honored for Technical Achievements in Magnetic Sensing

SENIS AG, a developer of magnetic sensing and instrumentation systems based in Switzerland, has been receiving accolades for its Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor, known as FAMAS, and the technological achievements of its founder, Professor Radivoje Popovic. Amidst the pandemic, recognitions […]

Research & Development

New R&D Innovation Center for Emerson, Producer of Rosemount Magmeters

Diversified industrial manufacturer Emerson plans to invest more than $100 million in Colorado to expand its manufacturing space and launch a new innovation center focused on research, new product development and industry training for its advanced flow measurement products. Part of the focus […]


Magnetofection Products from OZ Biosciences Advance Biotech Research, Development of New Medicines

Look around life science laboratories most anywhere in the world and before long you will likely come across magnetic reagents along with a few specially designed magnetic kits and laboratory tools from OZ Biosciences. The company’s Magnetofection technology is […]


Embedding Magnetics Achieves Reliability & Consistency, Part 1 of 3 by Jim Quilici, SCC America

Magnetic components are widely used in conjunction with semiconductor devices. For telecommunication applications, transformers couple signals into transmission lines and antennas. They provide impedance matching, level shifting, voltage isolation and common mode filtering. In power applications, transformers and inductors are used for energy storage, level shifting, isolation […]