New Magnetic Sheet from Anchor Magnets is Thinner, Stronger 

Anchor Magnets, a UK-based developer and distributor of innovative flexible magnet products, has introduced its latest product, “supramag ULTRA” magnetic sheet. It is up-to 50% stronger, 40% lighter, and 40% thinner at 0.45mm magnet thickness than industry standard 0.75mm material, says the company. Easier to handle due to its lightweight nature, the material can be used for a wide range of applications. 

“Anchor Magnets continue to innovate and provide our customers with the highest quality products. supamag® ULTRA is a game-changer and we are proud to offer it to our customers,” says Steve Mawson, general sales manager. “With a holding force of 55g/cm2 (0.45mm material), the sheet is incredibly strong and can be used for advertising, signage and many other applications. Its thinness also makes it easier to store and transport, making it a versatile and convenient solution.” 

Founded in 1984 in Sheffield, Anchor is the UK’s largest stockholder of flexible magnetic material products and has a history of introducing innovative new products to the market supporting retailers, printers and manufacturers globally. 

Among its hallmark product developments are Mag-Edge, introduced in 2000 as the world’s first co-extruded magnetic tape which combines rare earth magnetic materials with a colored binder for identification and easy application. It was invented by Mike Burton, director of product and innovation, and Simon Lee, technical lead. 

Another is Warmroom, a magnetic heat saver, invented and developed by Burton in 2010 to save heat from radiators while reducing heating bills and the carbon footprint of a property. 

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