February 2013

  • The Birth of a Very-High-Field Superconductor
  • Standex-Meder Electronics Flood Prevention Switches Safeguard HVAC Environments from Condensate Overflow Buildup
  • Tiny Isolated 3 V to 5.5 V Power Supplies Possible for Low Power
  • Crouzet Introduces DCmind Brushless Motor Series
  • Stress Analysis Software to Evaluate Effects of Forces in Electrical Devices
  • Dual-Channel Hall-Effect Direction Detection Sensor IC
  • Digital Position Sensor Offers Contactless Measurement of Magnetic Field Fluctuations
  • New Research Effort to Address Shortages in Rare Earth Materials
  • BCC Research: Top 10 Companies in Rare Earths
  • VAC Revises, Expands Established Standard Work “Soft Magnetic Materials”

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