New EQ Geometries for Powder Cores from Micrometals APC

Micrometals Alloy Powder Cores has introduced a new EQ shape series of cores designed for low power, high density applications. The EQ geometry is similar to the company’s low profile E-core but with a round center-post and rounded outside legs.


The round center post is convenient for heavy gauge wire such as helically wound flat wire coils or bobbins with round wire. The round post minimizes the conductor length per turn which keeps winding resistance low and allows for high density designs. The initial core series is offered with industry standard sizes from 20mm to 50mm, however, custom sizes can be designed. The EQ shape is an excellent choice for surface mount inductors and rectangular outer dimensions allow to optimization PCB layout, the company said.

The new EQ geometries are available in Sendust, FluxSan, and Hi-Flux materials with 26, 40 and 60 permeability. EQ magnetic cores are also well suited for design of high-performance switch-mode power converters and offer the following advantages: low profile with low total height.; good geometry for low flux leakage; excellent shape for high current applications; and large core surface to contact heat sink.

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