Melexis launches 3D and joystick magnetic position sensor for automotive industry


Melexis Ball & Socket

Melexis has announced a new member to its third-generation magnetic sensor family, the MLX90378, which provides robust absolute 3D position sensing for automotive applications including transmission sensors and gear shifters.
It consists of a Triaxis Hall magnetic front-end, an analog to digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing and two output stage drivers. Due to an integrated magneto concentrator, it is sensitive to magnetic flux in three planes (X, Y & Z). This allows for the measuring of the absolute 3D or joystick motion of any moving magnet, enabling the design of non-contact position sensors.

We are excited to be adding this new product that will build upon the success the third-generation Triaxis family has enjoyed to date, commented Nick Czarnecki, marketing manager for position and speed sensors at Melixis. The automotive market continues to look for solutions to meet tough problems and Melexis will continue to work with our customers and OEMs to conceive, design, and build innovative sensors to meet those challenges, he added.

The device offers two PWM outputs or a single SENT output capable of indicating two angles (forward/backward, left/right). In addition, the SENT protocol allows for the transmission of multiple frames of data allowing for the raw X, Y, and Z magnetic signals to be transmitted for customers that wish to do their own position processing. It includes an additional input pin that that makes it possible to integrate other sensors such as temperature, pressure or switch inputs while reducing wire harness size and complexity and enabling new and unique designs, said Czarnecki.

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