New Developments in GMW Projected Field Electromagnet Systems

GMW reports continued improvement in its Projected Field Electromagnet Systems with added power supply, pole option and probe card integration possibilities. Systems can be customized for individual device testing, or for array testing where larger region of interest is required without extensively compromising on magnetic field magnitude. 

Recently added to the line is the Model 5207, shown at top, optimized for perpendicular field with continuously adjustable pole for optimal position with respect to sample. The pole tip can be customized for specific geometries, including 4mm x 4mm array testing or individual devices with peak fields above 1.3T. The 5207 can also be easily configured from series to parallel coil connections, allowing for use with a wide range of supplies. 

It is designed primarily for integration into probe stations for testing of magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) systems. The location of the pole face can be adjusted precisely to be located relative to the device under test with high accuracy. A range of bipolar power supplies are available to take advantage of required waveforms including options for very fast ramping with higher voltage power supplies. Even ramping at 85% of full field is possible by changing coil configuration to lower resistance and inductance. 

Model 5203 Electromagnet 

Similar techniques are available for the 5203 Electromagnet, now with significant installation base and integrated into many commercial probe stations. A projected field magnet providing uniform field at a location above the magnet surface, it is intended for applications where the space around the working volume needs to be freely accessible. Poles are interchangeable and are available with an axial access bore. The 5203 can be mounted in any orientation and its light weight (2.5kg) allows the magnet to be integrated into dynamic applications such as wafer testing. 

Model 3480 Dipole 

GMW has also been adding to its line of dipole electromagnets and is announcing first results for its new Model 3483 H-Frame dipole. Options on the compact Model 3480 Dipole continue to expand, including inclined poles for open access, or modified yoke geometries including the extended throat, allowing for an entire 300mm wafer to be measured at high fields without having to cut the wafer to pieces. It can provide fields above 2 Tesla. Light in weight at 32 kg, it can easily be moved between applications and can be operated in any orientation while compatible with systems that already utilize GMW’s 3470 electromagnet. 

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