Tera Analysis Updates QuickField; Shows Eddy Current & Actuator Simulations

Tera Analysis in Denmark has updated its QuickField electromatic simulation software for greater processing power and improvements in finite element mesh generation. It also has recent training webinars available on using QuickField for eddy current simulation and actuators simulation. 

The new Version 6.5 is a 64-bit application designed for modern 64-bit Windows platforms and provides enhanced 3D graphic speed and quality. Finite element mesh generation in 3D Model Editor, depicted above, has been improved for more control so that smoother FEA mesh provides better accuracy at the early stages of working with models. 

A webinar on Eddy current simulation with QuickField deals with analyzing the distribution of Eddy currents and calculating their effects. Changing magnetic field causes the electric currents in a conductor which produce the magnetic field opposing this change. The currents form loops, known as Eddy currents, which can affect many applications. In magnetic cores, they may greatly increase the power losses and special measures are taken to eliminate them. In other cases, as in electromagnetic brakes or induction pumps, they are the main principle of the device operation. 

Another recent webinar deals with simulation of actuators which convert electromagnetic energy into mechanical movement. They usually consist of the stationary part, where the charges or currents generate the field which produces the force acting on the moving part. 

Headquartered in Svendborg, Tera Analysis provides FEA simulation tools for electromagnetic, heat transfer and stress analysis. Its QuickField package has evolved from an electromagnetic simulation tool for electric generators to a full-featured CAE package for electrical, thermal, bio- and chemical engineering. For more info, see www.quickfield.com