Vacuumschmelze Steps Up Its Permanent Magnet Capabilities

Vacuumschmelze has recently made important advancements in its capabilities for producing permanent magnetic material and components. In April, the company achieved certification to aerospace and defense standards for its permanent magnets, adding to its longstanding […]


Commom Mode Chokes for Highest Load Currents

Sustainable mobility and renewable energies Smaller, lighter and fewer losses – these demands are familiar in power electronics. Space and costs can be saved with VACOCOIL. The new manufacturing process for VACOCOIL chokes uses shaped […]


Coronavirus Hits the Magnetics Community as Manufacturers Wrestle Supply Chains and Production Schedules While Trying to Protect Staffs

Inextricably linked, China and the global magnetics industry are experiencing a significant impact from the Coronavirus which broke out in Wuhan and has spread to an assortment of industry and end-user facilities and their people. […]


Vacuumschmelze develops new cobalt-iron magnetic alloy for motors

A new cobalt-iron magnetic alloy material for electric vehicle motors and other applications has been developed by Vacuumschmelze, building on its expertise in making lightweight high-power alloys for race cars and aircraft.  The company says that its Vacoflux X1 material closes the gap between electrical steel […]