March/April 2023

HyProMag H2-Enabled Magnet Recycling Ventures Coming Onstream in UK and Germany
A process employing hydrogen is promising relief to one of the vexing problems in recycling rare earth magnets from electronic and automotive waste streams. The standard process involves shredding the metal parts of computer disk drives, speakers and electric motors.

Celllula Tests Underwater Drone to Monitor Magnetic Signatures
Measuring the magnetic signature of a ship can be cumbersome and time-consuming, yet critical for protection of naval vessels from underwater explosives. Now a Canadian robotics company, with the help of a neighboring marine geophysical firm’s specialized magnetometer, has developed an underwater drone designed to ease the task. It recently completed sea trials off the coast of British Columbia in concert with the Royal Canadian Navy.

A Magnetic Nano-Elevator for Three Dimensional Spintronic Devices
Information technologies will be responsible for about 20% of electricity consumption worldwide by 2025, which urgently requires the development of new types of greener nanoelectronic devices. Spintronics, making use of not only the charge of electrons but also of its intrinsic angular momentum (its spin) is an emerging technology that can overcome some of these challenges.

Planar Magnetic Headphones from Audeze Built to ROCK
Planar magnetic headphones rock. When made properly, they have vanishingly low distortion, lightning-fast transient response, and wide, accurate frequency response, says audio equipment maker Audeze. A pioneer in high-end gaming audio products, the company lays claim to making the best planar magnetic headphones in the world with multiple patents and technological breakthroughs.

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