June 2013

  • Designing Current Transformers with Simulation
  • First Observation of Spin Hall Effect in a Quantum Gas is Step Toward ‘Atomtronics’
  • Researchers Increase NMR/MRI Sensitivity Through Hyperpolarization of Nuclei in Diamond
  • Standex-Meder Electronics Offer Robust Power and Current Sense Transformers for HVAC/R Applications
  • High Power Torodial Transformers
  • Non-Contact Torque Transmission
  • New Alloys for Dysprosium-Free Permanent Magnets
  • COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b is Now Available
  • Model 121 Programmable DC Current Source Enables Cost-Effective Sensor Testing
  • Bunting Releases Powder and Bulk Reference Catalogs
  • Joint Venture to Commercialize Superconducting Technologies

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