Magnets for Horse Mobility and Therapy from England 

Magnetic Rug is crafted as a therapeutic magnet-blanket suitable for horses and ponies, used overnight in the stable. Hind and hock chaps target the legs with carefully positioned magnets. 

While the therapeutic power of magnets remains a subject of scientific debate, many horse owners believe in their efficacy. From all over the world they turn to Equilibrium Products of England for its thoughtully designed wraps and blankets to position magnets precisely where desired. They are designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. 

Hind & Hock Magnetic Chaps from Equilibrium position magnets strategically from hoof to hock. 

They are among an assortment of horse care products for protection and therapy whether horses are exposed to the rigors of a cross-country course or the precision of the dressage arena or show jump course. The company also makes electric massage pads, collars, lead ropes and nutritional items.

Begun by equestrian founder Margaret Donnelly, the Equilibrium line has grown to its present diversity over about 20 years. Today, the company is run by a team of women horse and pet owners with more than 200 years of horse care combined among them, located in the town of Leighton Buzzard in southwest England. For more info, see