MagBead Separation System from Thermo Fisher Advances Biotech Manufacturing 

A highly awarded magnetic-bead separation system from Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed to enable biotech developers to easily scale from process and clinical development to commercial manufacturing of new cell therapies. Configured for use with the company’s Dynabeads, the Gibco CTS DynaCellect Magnetic Separation System serves as a cell isolation, cell activation, cell depletion and magnetic beads removal instrument. 

It helps ensure the right cells are isolated and failures in manufacturing are minimized. With the cell therapy market poised for rapid growth, this evolution in cell therapy manufacturing can support the commercialization of high performing therapies as well as the development of the next class of cell therapy breakthroughs. 

“The future of cell therapy is bright, and our team is focused on innovations that expedite breakthroughs and, ultimately, help patients,” according to Tiffani Manolis, vice president and general manager, cell culture and cell therapy at Thermo Fisher. “DynaCellect helps minimize the potential for errors while accelerating the manufacturing process. This allows our customers to commercialize therapies faster and potentially save more lives.” 

Using it with the company’s Gibco CTS Dynabeads CD3/CD28 magnetic beads, cell therapy manufacturers can achieve greater than 86% isolation efficiency of activated target T cells with more than 96% purity while having no effect on cell viability. Automated removal of Dynabeads can result in over 91% target cell recovery. Magnetic bead removal is also accomplished faster, with bead removal time being reduced by up to 80%. 

The system has been recognized widely for its innovation including an R&D 100 Award, a Pharma Innovation Award and a BioTech Breakthrough Award. For more info, see