Lumina Adds New Power Supplies, Some Can Be Used for Electromagnets

Lumina Power_IN

Lumina Power has released its enhanced LPS series general purpose high current, high voltage power supplies for the semiconductor and specialty market including application for electromagnets. The company develops power products for electromagnets and pulsed magnetic power systems among its range of applications for several industries.

The new line consists of five models ranging in power from 1kW to 13.5kW and output voltages to 5kV. Common applications include heater, filament and magnet supplies along with test and burn-in work. All models can be paralleled for increased power and custom configurations are available.

“The demand for high current power supplies continues to expand and we are seeing an increased need to develop versatile power supplies that can fill the gap between standard and fully custom power solutions,” said Barry Essig, Lumina Power’s VP of sales and marketing. “The expanded product line offers off the shelf standard power supplies or short lead time custom configurations.”

The company designs and manufactures specialty power supplies and power systems from 10 watts through 18 kW for the laser, electro-optic and semiconductor markets primarily. We supply pulsed and DC power supplies to companies that produce Ion Implanters used in semiconductor processing. These semi tools shoot electron beams at the wafers and the beams require steering that is done with large electromagnets powered by our DC power supplies said Essig. Lumina also works with companies that are involved in pulsed magnetic applications using its capacitor charging power supplies to charge customers pulse forming networks. Pulsed magnetic fields are used in various industrial and research applications.
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