Lucefin Group installs new furnace for magnetic annealing in Italy

A new furnace for performing heat treatment of steel bars including magnetic annealing has been installed by steel bright bars producer Lucefin Group in its Trafilix plant in Italy. 

“It is a continuous and protected atmosphere furnace that can perform several heat treatments including stress-relieving, sub-critical annealing, normalization and magnetic annealing,” according to Vittorio Boneschi, quality area manager/technical commercial. 

In the magnetic annealing process, Lucefin can provide specific values for magnetic permeability and coercive force to its bars, he explained. This optimizes the steel for use in applications where the response to magnetic fields is crucial to a component’s correct functioning such as electro valves which regulate the liquid flows in food machinery and flow regulators for the automotive industry. 

The cold-finished steel bars market increasingly requires more products with specific characteristics related to a final heat treatment cycle, so the new furnace was added in response to customer needs and to aim at new markets. 

Lucefin Group headquarters

Based in Esine, Lucefin operates four steel bar production plants in Italy and the Czech Republic, specializing in the production and distribution of cold-drawn, ground, peeled, hot-rolled and forged steels in a wide range of sections and sizes. For more info, see