Modular Sintering Furnace from Eisenmann Designed for Flexibility

A new modular sintering furnace manufactured by Eisenmann SE can be configured to sinter magnet products. The company displayed its One Solution high-temperature roller-hearth furnace at the Powtech show held recently in northern Germany. 

“This equipment can be configured in a way to sinter magnet products,” said Axel Weiland, vice president of thermal solutions at Eisenmann. “With our modular system, we are able to cover most products with all different atmospheres.”

At Powtech, Peter Veervort, vice president of product development & technology for the company, spoke about the future of the powdered metal industry and its need for highly efficient and flexible production capabilities. Martin Cruetziger, head of Eisenmann’s test center, provided visitors with an overview about potentials, security and technological possibilities for a future-oriented sintering technology in Europe.

Eisenmann engineers demonstrated technical details of the pioneering furnace. The roller-drive speed to be seamlessly and precisely adjusted to the specific needs of the product. Companies operating this furnace enjoy substantially lower energy and industrial gas consumption. It provides the strengths of high-temperature sintering with rapid cooling and precise management of the atmosphere. It delivers theoretically ideal sintering conditions of 1,400 degrees C in conjunction with cooling rates of up to 8 K/s. 

Eisenmann provides systems and services for surface finishing, material flow automation, thermal process technology and environmental engineering. The family-run enterprise is headquartered in Boblingen, southern Germany.

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