Lake Shore Introduces the Model 648 Electromagnet Power Supply

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., manufacturers of scientific sensors, instruments, and systems for precise measurement and control, has introduced the new Model 648 electromagnet power supply, a robust, fault-tolerant 10 kW supply optimized for powering large 7-inch or 10-inch research electromagnets. The Model 648 is well suited for electromagnet characterization systems used for magneto-optical studies, magnetic hysteresis tests, susceptibility measurements, Hall Effect studies, spin magnetic resonance demonstrations and biological tests.

The Model 648 electromagnet power supply is designed to be used with large electromagnets in high precision laboratory settings that require low electrical noise. Its linear design removes the undesirable higher frequency noise typical of many other switch mode power supplies. The power supply’s low output noise means researchers can obtain greater resolution and finer detail in results drawn from data taken during high sensitivity experiments. Eliminating the need for external switching or operator intervention to reverse current polarity, the Model 648 uses convenient bipolar, 4-quadrant operation, which provides clean transitions through zero without discontinuities.

Made to last, and to minimize down time, Lake Shore’s built-in fault protection enables the system to survive direct shorts across the output without damage. Worry-free water cooling with zero internal connections eliminates the possibility of leaks and provides quiet, efficient operation compared to air-cooled supplies. A unique safety interlock ensures that the cooling water is flowing to the supply while operating.  Internal controls ensure efficient water management. The Model 648 also comes with Lake Shore’s full 3-year standard warranty.

The Model 648 was designed for application convenience. Its high resolution programmed output current incorporates a proprietary digital-to-analog converter that is monotonic over the entire output range and provides resolution of 1.0 mA. It is equipped with both parallel IEEE-488 and universal serial bus (USB) computer interfaces that provide access to operating data, stored parameters, and computer control of operating functions. The power supply’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides full diagnostic and status information.