Model 350 Ultra Low Cryogenic Temperature Controller

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. has introduced the Model 350 ultra-low cryogenic temperature controller. The Model 350 is a powerful physics tool specifically designed to provide improved measurement and control in a wide range of cryogenic physics research applications, including those conducted in high magnetic field and radiation environments.

The full-featured four-input Model 350 cryogenic temperature controller is a world-class refrigeration control solution capable of using very low excitation power. It is designed for the demands of pumped helium-3 refrigerators and similar advanced research platforms. The Model 350 controller provides improved measurement and control accuracy and convenient operation in any cryogenic system from 100 millikelvin (mK) to more than 1000 kelvin (K). Users are guaranteed improved performance even at extremes, and the controller comes with Lake Shore’s full three-year standard warranty to add to customer confidence.

Optimized for use with Lake Shore’s popular and dependable Cernox sensors, the standard Model 350 also supports ruthenium oxide, platinum resistance temperature detectors, and other negative temperature coefficient sensors. The number and type of sensors can be further expanded with a choice of option cards. The Model 350 can automatically switch between different sensor inputs as needed to cover broader measurement ranges, providing continuous measurement.

A variety of features makes the Model 350 well suited for use in ultra-low temperature research applications. Patented low-noise input circuitry enables super low excitation currents for minimal self-heating and high resolution measurement while eliminating errors from grounding inconsistencies.

Four controlled outputs include a powerful 75 W warm-up heater, 1 W sample heater, and two additional 1 W outputs for controlling auxiliary systems. The unit features Lake Shore’s proven user-friendly interface for intuitive setup and simple operation. Temperature control loop auto-tuning facilitates automated set up of control parameters. Remote communications and control using Ethernet, USB, and IEEE-488 interfaces makes for convenient system integration and application coordination. In short, the Model 350 cryogenic temperature controller brings a new level of power, precision, and performance to critical low temperature physics research.