April 2012

  • Designing New Magnet Technology – A Multiphysics Challenge
  • Ten Steps for Developing the Kipawa Heavy Rare Earth Deposit
  • Nanoscale Magnetic Media Diagnostics by Rippling Spin Waves
  • MEDER electronic, Inc. MMS – 2.8 mm Implantable MEMS Reed Sensors Need No Power
  • Lake Shore Introduces Model 350 Ultra Low Cryogenic Temperature Controller
  • New 120 kHz Bandwidth, High Voltage, 3.3 Volt Current Sensor IC with Integrated Overcurrent Detection
  • Bruker Announces BNL, a Nitrogen Re-Liquefaction Accessory for More Efficient, Sustainable and Economic Magnet Operation in NMR
  • Signal Transformer Announces New Line of SMD Power Inductors Available at Digi-Key
  • MDT Releases TMR Magnetic Angle Sensors for Rotary Encoders
  • Molycorp’s Rare Earth Reserves at Mountain Pass Increase by 36 Percent
  • Global Market for Terahertz Radiation Devices and Systems to Reach $127 Million in 2016 and $570 Million In 2021
  • Great Western Minerals Group’s LCM Places Order for Second Rare Earth Strip Cast Furnace

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