January/February 2019

York Instruments Expands Its Magnetoencephalography Business with MEGIN Acquisition and Placement of Its Equipment at Leading Medical Centers
York Instruments, a young UK company that specializes in highly sensitive magnetic measurements and their healthcare applications, has been expanding rapidly on several fronts recently in the field of magnetoencephalography.

Automotive Industry Charges Ahead with Increased EV Manufacturing & Technology Development
The automotive industry is dramatically increasing its commitment to electric vehicles, leading to a transformative shift in its supply chain that has broad implications for the magnetics industry.

Magnetic Resonance Radiation Therapy with Elekta
Unity Now in Clinical Use at European Hospitals

Elekta, Stockholm-based manufacturer of medical equipment, reports that Elekta Unity, its transformative magnetic resonance radiation therapy system, is now in clinical use at The Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital and others across Europe.

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