Arnold Magnetic Technologies Opens R&D Location

MGE Innovation Center at University of Wisconsin

Arnold Magnetic Technologies, a global manufacturer of rare earth magnets, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals, has opened a research and development facility at the MGE Innovation Center in Madison, WI. Arnold’s new technical center enables the company to focus on engineering solutions together with customers by offering rapid prototyping of permanent magnet, electromagnetic, thin metals, and a variety of engineered assemblies. The center also engages upstream with product design and optimization for maximum power density along with a variety of testing services to validate those designs.

Technology center engineers work with Arnold’s customers to develop cutting-edge materials, validate new designs and facilitate a design’s innovation from prototype to production. The new facility and staff are part of Arnold’s efforts to strengthen their role as an industry leader in permanent magnetics, electromagnetics, and thin metals technologies. Among Arnold’s products is Recoma 35E, which is one of the strongest samarium cobalt magnet in the world. This magnet has enabled major advances in high-performance motors for the aerospace/defense and motorsport industries.

Arnold’s Recoma samarium cobalt magnets

The Madison location was selected in part because of Arnold’s strong partnership and participation with the University of Wisconsin Electric Motors and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC). Arnold also works closely with technical universities worldwide, including the University of Aalen, the Swiss Federal Technical institute in Zurich, the University of Nottingham, and a program for which they sponsored a PhD student at the University of Birmingham. For more information, visit: