World Magnetics and Variohm work round the clock to fulfil demand for ventilator pressure switches

World Magnetics and its European partner, Variohm Eurosensor, lately have been working around the clock to fulfill a cascade of orders from ventilator manufacturers ramping up their production in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

World has for many years been actively involved in the supply of its DesignFlex brand pressure and vacuum switching products for medical markets including mechanical filtration and ventilation equipment The switches, shown above, are manufactured at World’s headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan as one of its two main product lines. Variohm, its distributor for Europe, performs pre-delivery calibration and quality checks for its customers. 

As the seriousness of the pandemic set in during March, World was asked to supply much-increased volumes from existing and new customers across the globe with as immediate as possible delivery requests. The company and its staff rallied to the task working extended overtime shifts and weekends to cover the flood of new orders, increasing its capacity to now produce up to 3,000 of the urgently needed pressure switches per day. One European order required cranking out 16,000 pressure switches in a week. 

“We can help the people on the front lines who deserve our respect, and our thanks for being there and treating these patients – hopefully, this is our way of making a difference,” commented Martin Paul, president of World Magnetics. 

The company’s DesignFlex range includes high sensitivity pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches for a variety of medical, industrial and defense equipment. Customised versions are also available to meet specific electrical or mechanical interfacing needs – and application-adapted flow and pressure switching assemblies as well as pre-calibrated special switches are available from Variohm to facilitate straightforward commissioning in customer’s equipment. 

Durascan magnetic heads and sensors 

World’s magnetic products, and its namesake, derive from its long-established line of Durascan magnetic heads and magnetic sensors which are key components in card readers, access control devices and currency detection systems.

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