Flexible Magnets Manufacturer Maghold Expands North America Operations

Magnetic media manufacturer Maghold Llc of Rancho Cucamonga, California has relocated its headquarters and warehouse to a new, expanded site with increased inventory and distribution capabilities. The new premises include 2 large warehouse spaces to almost triple their previous location.  

“We have moved into our new three times larger location,” says Gary Foster, global sales director. “A lot more space means a lot more business. This move will prove to be a catalyst in the rapid growth of the company. Now the company has great potential to offer more inventory, new products and services to its current and new clients.” 

A subsidiary of parent company Dongguan Maghard Flexible Magnet Co. of China, Maghold is an international supplier of magnetic products such as flexible magnets, receptive material, neodymium magnets and finished magnet products. 

It supplies a wide selection of magnetic media susbstrates. Its direct printable flexible magnet product is compatible with most of major printing methods, for use in both indoor and outdoor applications such as car signs and displays. It is also produced in adhesive-backed version. The company also produces magnet strip and tape. Its receptive product is a thin, flexible material with high density of ferrous particles. For more info, see www.maghold.com