Brose Becomes New Systems Supplier for e-Bike Market

Brose Group, the Germany-based global automotive supplier, has launched a new mechatronic product line for e-bikes, aiming to position itself as a new systems supplier for another segment of the e-mobility market. 

The new Brose drive systems for e-bikes can be configured to meet a diversity of requirements, says the company, as it transfers experience in mechatronics, production expertise and automotive quality standards to the e-bike industry. It has been supplying components for e-bikes for about five years but now has developed in-house a new line of complete systems called the Brose Drive System. They include internal permanent magnet motors coupled with wide range of drives, displays and battery that can be flexibly added or individually combined resulting in e-bikes that can be configured to meet a spectrum of demands.  

The drive is and will remain the heart of the new system, says Brose, but it also offers its own displays and a powerful battery. The various models in its new Brose Drive family are attuned to the various applications for cyclists including Drive C for the city, the efficient Drive T for trekking and Drive TF that supports speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour. The Drive S is designed for athletic riders – including mountain bikers. The drives can be selected with either aluminum or lighter magnesium housings. 

Brose supplies more than 200 million electric motors and drives to the auto industry every year. They are used in the HVAC system, engine cooling, in the drive train as well as in steering and braking systems. They also operate window regulators, seats, liftgates and side doors. Its motors and drives are available in a power range of 20 to 15,000 watts and voltages of 12 to 810 volts. 

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