Chroma Steps Up Biotech Testing with MagXtract System

MagXtract, a new nucleic acid extraction system for biotech labs developed by Taiwan-based Chroma, a company well known for its test equipment for magnetic components, EV motors and transformers, is being lauded for its innovative capabilities. 

Its MagXtract 3200, a fully automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup system recently won Taiwan’s National Innovation Award, a coveted indicator of demonstrated research & development as well as innovation capacity by healthcare institutions and enterprises in the field of biotechnology. After three stages of comprehensive review, 80 industry experts recognized the system as the winner out of submissions from over 300 companies. 

Chroma Assistant to President Ray Chi, right, receives the trophy from Wu Tsung-Tsong, the head of Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology 

A novel open platform that performs nucleic acid purification and polymerase chain reaction setup in a compact bench-top workstation, the system greatly eliminates repetitive and complex steps, reduces hands-on time by more than 90% and reduces the risks of bio-specimen infection for medical laboratory scientists. Enabling high-volume use of magnetic particle reagents, It accelerates the progress for biotech examinations such as Covid-19 diagnostic testing and has received numerous product approvals for markets around the world. 

Motor Stator Test System 1920 

Chroma makes a range of test systems for magnetic components, transformers and EV motors that are used widely worldwide. Its Motor Stator 1920 system, for example, integrates several of the company’s instruments: a wound component analyzer equipped with AC & DC Hi-Pot testing, insulation resistance measurement, 4-terminal DC resistance measurement, and impulse winding test capabilities with 10 ports for scanning; the Chroma LCR Meter Model 3252 for Ls/Q and winding phase measurement; a vacuum system and a test fixture. See