Littelfuse to Acquire C&K Switches in $540 Million Deal as Biz Booms 

Two companies with extensive magnetic component portfolios are coming together as Chicago-based Littelfuse, where business has been booming lately, moves to acquire C&K Switches for $540 million. With 17,000 employees already and sales climbing 34% above last year, Littelfuse produces a diverse portfolio of magnetic components including magnetic sensors and reed switches, EMC filters and transformers. Founded in 1928, C&K makes electromechanical switches and interconnect solutions with one of its specialties being magnetic proximetry sensors. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, it has facilities located around the world and sales of over $200 million per year. 

Deepak Nayar heads Littelfuse electronics business 

“We are excited to welcome C&K Switches employees to the Littelfuse team,” said Deepak Nayar, senior vice president and general manager, Littelfuse Electronics Business, when the plans were announced in April. “With its strong brand reputation, a long history of design excellence and high-performing products, the addition of C&K Switches will enhance our presence and growth in our target markets. Our complementary go-to-market models, through a combination of direct sales and channel distribution, and expanded product portfolio will serve as a platform for future growth.” 

C&K expanded its lineup of magnetic proximity sensors recently by adding Form C switches for non-contact position and proximetry detection in tough environments, suitable for many remote monitoring applications. With an operating life of 2 million actuations, the sensor offers reliable and accurate remote monitoring in spite of dirt, dust, oil, grease, water and other potential contaminants that otherwise could degrade performance of a sensor assembly. 

“Magnetic proximity sensors offer non-contact object detection beyond the normal limits of products such as inductive sensors. They offer long sensing ranges within a small package size, and they can be positioned in different locations through the use of a wiring harness,” explains Tanios BouRamia, global product manager at C&K. “Featuring a durable aluminum housing with maximum protection from the elements, the rugged MPSR Series magnetic proximity sensor enables remote monitoring in most any environmental conditions.” 

The normally open contacts on the MPSR Series sensor are open when the accompanying magnet is removed from proximity to the sensor, and they are held closed when the magnet is within actuation range. Conversely, the normally closed contacts are closed when the magnet is removed from proximity to the sensor, while they are open when the magnet is within actuation range. 

Dave Henizmann, CEO of Littelfuse 

In May, Littelfuse reported quarterly results of 34% sales growth overall and 22% organically for its first quarter ended April 2. “We are off to a tremendous start this year, achieving strong revenue and earnings growth substantially above our expectations while continuing to outperform the markets we serve,” said Dave Heinzmann, Littelfuse president and CEO, who began his career at the company in 1985 as a manufacturing engineer.