Curtiss-Wright Sense & Control Actuators for Harsh Environments

Equipped with a magnetic absolute encoder for closed loop feedback, the Exlar SA-R080 rotary and SA-L080 linear actuator have been released by Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division as its newest motor-actuators with integral controls. The SA-080 is the first frame size (80 mm) in the harsh environment control and sense family of industrial electromechanical actuators from the company. 

The actuators are suited for a variety of defense, industrial, and commercial applications where distributed precision motion control and the need to operate in harsh environments is required such as in mobile equipment and other outdoor installations. Electromechanical actuation offers better energy efficiency and less environmental impacts and maintenance compared to traditional fluid power alternatives, says the company.

Exlar is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division, based in Chanhassen, Minnesota. For more info, see