Radwave & TT Electronics Collaborate on Electromagnetic Platform for Surgical Navigation

TT Electronics has partnered with Radwave Technologies to bring a highly accurate electromagnetic tracking platform to the medical market. Employing surgical navigation sensors from TT, the technology offers solutions for medical device innovators who are seeking to add new or improved electromagnetic capabilities to their devices. The companies demonstrated the platform at the MD&M West exhibition in Anaheim in August. 

The Radwave platform is a new option for tracking surgical instruments that has been designed from the ground up for seamless integration into medical devices and the clinical environment. “Electromagnetic tracking uses low-energy electromagnetic fields to locate small micro-coil sensors that are incorporated into the object of interest,” explains the company. “It enables real-time tracking when there is no clear line-of-sight. For example, it is often used to track surgical tool position and direction in minimally-invasive procedures.” The modular platform can be rapidly customized to meet specifications and is highly accurate with a fast-sampling rate using state-of-the-art algorithms and components.  

The thin and lightweight field-generating antenna is translucent during fluoroscopy and can be easily customized to accommodate different sensing volumes. TT Electronics supports the platform by providing complete manufacturing capabilities spanning a range of critical sensor technologies. Its sensor technologies enable the platform to deliver the highest degree of accuracy and precision, even in challenging settings where some electromagnetic systems have been limited by interference or sensing volume constraints, says TT. 

The system seamlessly integrates miniature 5 and 6-degree of freedom (DOF) coil sensors into surgical instruments, tools, robots and other equipment. 6DOF sensors are used for additional roll degree of freedom, providing three-axis sensing of both linear and angular motion. 

“TT has been supporting medical and life science customers around the world for more than a decade, and partnerships with medical innovators like Radwave are critical to our evolving healthcare strategy,” said Michael Leahan, executive vice president of TT Electronics. “Through our collaboration, this technology has incredible potential to disrupt an industry and ultimately improve patient outcomes – a mission both companies share.” 

“This collaboration marks an important milestone for Radwave,” said Andrew Brown, CEO of Radwave Technologies. “We have said since our inception that we want to work with the best technologies and partners to revolutionize the EM tracking industry and create the most accurate EM tracking platform out there.” 

Radwave is based in “Medical Alley” in St Paul, Minnesota. TT, a global manufacturer of engineered electronic products including many magnetic components, is headquartered in Woking, UK. For more info, see www.radwavetech.com and www.ttelectronics.com