Carpenter Technology Raises Prices on Specialty Alloys

Carpenter Technology, a manufacturer of magnetic powders and other alloys, is raising its base prices by 6-8% again, coming about six months after a similar increase made in May. The latest increase went into effect November 8, affecting new, non-contract orders across the majority of its specialty alloy products. 

Based in Philadelphia, Carpenter manufactures an extensive portfolio of specialty alloys including titanium, nickel, and cobalt, as well as alloys specifically engineered for additive manufacturing processes and soft magnetics applications. 

Among its soft magnetic alloys are Chrome Core 12-FM for use in magnetic components needing strong corrosion resistance with reduced saturation induction; and its 430 Solenoid Quality which are ferritic chromium-iron stainless alloys specially developed for soft magnetic components that operate in corrosive environments. 

Its magnetic alloys include P6 which is a ductile, cobalt base precipitation hardened semi-hard magnetic alloy, similar to Vicalloy, combining the advantages of high hysteresis loss and low magnetizing force into one material; also MagneDur 20-4 cobalt-free alloy with semi-hard magnetic properties that is malleable and ductile, lending itself to the manufacture of strip, foil, and wire. For more info, see