Bogen Electronic’s Magnetic Sensing for Automation Systems

Evolving from its origins as a supplier of magnetic recording heads in the 1950s, Berlin-based Bogen Electronic has developed into a precision manufacturer of highly accurate magnetic measurement devices for automation equipment, even displacing optical encoders in some cases. 

With its AKS17 magnetic encoder, linear absolute measurement applications can be implemented from 100 mm up to 3 m in length with a resolution < 1 µm. The company recently showed its latest encoders including the new AKS16/17, AKP18 and AKP20 at Automate show in Chicago. 

The high resolution of its measurement devices can allow the use of magnetic encoders where optical solutions are expensive to implement. At the same time, there is a lot of design freedom in the scales as the pattern can be adapted to different segment requirements, says the company. With this variability the AKS17 and its corresponding scales can be used in nearly any automation application where absolute measurement is necessary. In addition to absolute measurement, some products also offer multiturn detection. The products can be adapted to different measurement tasks with standard and customer-specific scales. 

Innovative product development by the company has powered the evolution from its roots as a manufacturer of magnetic heads for tape and cassette recorders. For two years in a row, the company has been awarded a Top 100 German innovation prize for its innovation management and processes. It still produces an extensive line of magnetic heads for many applications including banknote validation, advanced photo systems, ticketing and credit card systems using core materials such as ferrites, permalloy and Sendust. 

Bogen’s managing director Dr. Torsten Becker stresses: “AKS17 and IKS9 magnetic encoders are used in harsh environments as they have the IP67 protection class. Thanks to magnetic technology all Bogen measurement solutions are resistant to contamination and robust to vibrations, thus maintenance-free and cost-efficient.” 

Whether it is positioning, motion control or monitoring within the automation system, the basis for automation technology is always a highly accurate and reliable measuring technology used to control the rotary speed of motors, to determine the position of axes, to position linear stages, or to control robots, notes Becker, so the company’s products are designed to offer the right magnetic measuring solution for all these applications. 

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