Improved Coil Design Contributes to Higher Power Density in ABB’s New Industrial Motors for Hazardous Locations

ABB has introduced new motors that use its improved coil design for higher power, this time applied to models optimized for making the most of limited operating space in hazardous duty locations such as equipment-crowded oil platforms and refineries. 

Based on the design of its high-performance rib cooled HXR range, the new AXR 5000 and 5800 motors deliver an average of 15 percent more horsepower per pound than conventional totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors but with a smaller frame size in some power ratings. This helps save space, up to 8 inches in overall length in some cases, which enables more compact installations on oil platforms and in refineries. 

The motor’s coil design helps to increase the power density. The active parts of the coil have been re-dimensioned for increased power, and the company developed more accurate forming tools to utilize the active material more efficiently. Overall coil quality has been further enhanced, says ABB. 

Model of rotating electromagnetic traction (shield and rotor removed) 

The engineering team also improved cooling, a critical factor to extend the life of the motor. An internal cooling loop circulates air inside the motor, moving heat to the frame. An external fan blows air over the frame to remove the heat. 

“The new cooling configuration offers a more thermally equalized motor, eliminating hot spots that have been seen in TEFC motors,” says Charles Blankenship, large AC motor product manager. “Better cooling reduces the thermal stresses on the insulation system, which helps improve the motor’s longevity.” 

This latest generation of high voltage rib cooled motors is the outcome of a major engineering effort, says ABB, incorporating the experience it has gained over more than 130 years of manufacturing electric motors. 

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