2nd October eNL 2021

Marelli Lauded for Investment in New Electric Powertrain Plant in Germany
Marelli, a global automotive supplier, has recently received the NRW Global Business Award 2021 for the investment in its recently established production facility for electric vehicle motors in Cologne, Germany. With this award, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia recognizes foreign direct investments which significantly advance the region’s long-term global competitiveness as well as international investments of local companies.   Read More

Magnetic Bearings Manufacturer Danfoss Turbocor to Triple Production Capacity
Danfoss Turbocor, a pioneer in the application of magnetic bearings to develop oil-free HVAC compressors, plans to triple its production capacity at a new manufacturing facility in Tallahassee, Florida. The company broke ground for the new 167,000 sq ft plant in September and expects completion in early 2023, then will convert its existing building to a new research and development center. Read More

Automatic Position Correction – including eccentricity error!

Get to know the new iC-TW29: iC-Haus from Germany presents high-resolution FlexCount® interpolator with automatic signal correction and BiSS Interface. What are its key benefits?

The new 26-bit encoder signal processor is used for the evaluation of magnetic and optical sensors that generate sine and cosine signals. Just a push of a button is enough to set the required signal amplification and to correct signal errors. A permanent auto-correction minimizes the angular error, so that the integrated RS422 output drivers provide optimal quadrature signals – with up to 262,144 pulses at processing times of either only 2.4 µs or 5 µs.

A remarkable innovation is the position correction for the mechanical eccentricity error. It solves the annoying problem caused by off-center optical graduations or magnetic pole wheels. The measuring accuracy can now be considerably improved, especially for the smallest incremental encoders, as well as for absolute encoders, that use multiturn information in addition.

Carpenter Technology Emerges from Covid Depression, Makes Key Promotion
Emerging from a deep business trough during the global pandemic, magnetic alloy manufacturer Carpenter Technology is on the mend but its latest year-end report demonstrates the painful impact of the past year. Going forward, David Graf, formerly chief technology officer, has been promoted to lead its specialty alloys business segment as the company expects continued recovery in the months ahead led by its ability to serve growth trends in electrification and additive manufacturing.  Read More