Magnetic Bearings Manufacturer Danfoss Turbocor to Triple Production Capacity

Danfoss Turbocor, a pioneer in the application of magnetic bearings to develop oil-free HVAC compressors, plans to triple its production capacity at a new manufacturing facility in Tallahassee, Florida. The company broke ground for the new 167,000 sq ft plant in September and expects completion in early 2023, then will convert its existing building to a new research and development center.

Expanding oil-free, magnetic bearing technology to higher capacities

The new plant will host state-of-the-art manufacturing for the VTX line and two TT/TG lines of compressors. The company’s VTX1600, shown above, brings the benefits of oil-free, magnetic bearing technology to larger capacity chillers. The 450-ton, 1600-kW nominal capacity rating allows for a multiple compressor configuration up to 3,600 tons, 12,660 kW or larger. 

Turbocor compressors use magnetic-bearing technology instead of oil and provide a low-carbon cooling option for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration units. The oil-free high efficiency compressor technology is a key enabler to meet the decarbonization goals of commercial buildings, cities and countries, notes the company. It has made similar investments in its manufacturing site in China and Configuration Center in Europe.

“We are excited about increasing our manufacturing capacity,” said Ricardo Schneider, president of Danfoss Turbocor. “We’re at an inflection point with our technology as we see significant growth year-over-year. The technology is moving toward mainstream, and this new facility will help us continue to innovate and develop new technologies to remain a market leader in low-carbon cooling.” For more info, see