July/August 2019

Toyota Develops New Magnet for Electric Motors Aiming to Reduce Use of Critical Rare-Earth Element by up to 50% 
Toyota researchers say they have found a way to dramatically cut the cost of electric motors by reducing up to 50% the amount of neodymium in their magnets in favor of less expensive and more abundant rare earth elements lanthanum and cerium.

Race to Develop Electric-Powered Autonomous Aircraft Opening New Market for Permanent-Magnet Motors 
The race to develop autonomous electric aircraft is poised to open new markets for permanent magnet motors as several leading aviation firms are breaking into the skies with new prototypes of vertical take-off and landing craft designed for commercial passenger and cargo transport.

ABB powers tourists to Niagara Falls with first US-built all-electric vessels, equipped with both permanent-magnet and inductive-magnet thruster motors
Visitors to the iconic Niagara Falls will soon be able to experience one of the US’s top landmarks emission-free. Two new Maid of the Mist passenger vessels will be entirely powered by high-capacity battery packs and driven by electric motors utilizing both permanent magnet and inductive magnetic technologies-becoming the first all-electric vessels ever built in the US.

Tech Tips: The Economics of a Transformer
To many customers the cost of a transformer is simply the monetary value at the time of purchase. In a broad sense this is adequate. After all, the material cost of a device is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, driver of the selling price.

Composite Film Technology, the Next Breakthrough in Flexible Electrical Insulating Materials
The application conditions for any piece of electrical equipment can be extreme. It is therefore vitally important that insulation systems for motors, generators and transformers are designed around the most critical conditions. The right selection of insulating components including Flexible Electrical Insulation for the various voltages and temperature classes is paramount to the integrity of the electrical equipment.

2020 Magnetics Industry Resource Guide
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