Mkango’s HyProMag in UK Teams Up with Japan-based Recyler Envipro 

Envipro Holdings, a major metals recycling company based in Japan, and HyProMag located in the UK have begun a collaboration on the recycling of rare earth magnets that will involve operations of both companies in Japan and Europe. The head of Mkango Resources, HyProMag’s parent company, calls it the first step in the roll-out of its recycling technology in Asia.  […]

Research & Development

Astroid Clocking: A New Method to Control Magnetic Dynamics in Nanomagnets

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found a new way to make small, targeted changes in a magnetic system called artificial spin ice (ASI). ASIs are materials with a wide range of emergent properties, such as computation. Controlling when, where, and how their magnetic domains change can be crucial for technological applications like physical reservoir computing […]