Underground Magnetics Serves Growing Need for Infrastructure Location Solutions

Underground Magnetics provides sophisticated geo-location instruments for horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling has revolutionized installation of the world’s massive underground infrastructure of gas pipe, electric lines and fiber optic cable. As already crowded underground right-of-ways continue to be developed, the need for efficient and effective locating technologies continually evolves.

One company meeting the demand is Johnston, Iowa-based Underground Magnetics which designs, produces and services powerful and versatile walk-over HDD locating systems. “We have been on the leading edge of product advancement from the very beginning. To make your job easier,” the company tells infrastructure professionals, “we continually bring to the market fresh ideas and designs backed by our team of experienced and respected industry innovators.”

Mag9 can accurately navigate depths and distances up to 360 feet

The latest edition in the company’s Mag Series of receivers, the Mag 9, delivers a giant step forward for walkover HDD locating solutions. Depth and range capabilities, along with exceptional precision and accuracy, make it an innovative engineering advancement. The complete system with display and standard transmitter is priced beginning at about $17,000.

Coupled with the Echo 110 transmitter it can measure at true depth up to 200 feet and data range up to 360 feet. A high-precision and high anti-interference Faraday shield 3D dual antennae structure create accuracy and reliability. Four radio channels deliver a telemetry range is up to 1,800 feet with standard antenna technology, or up to 3,000 feet with an extended range antennae. “Traditional, single-antenna alternatives simply cannot compete,” says the company.

Echo 50XF transmitter

The company’s Echo series transmitters can measure to a standard depth range of over 100 feet and extended range up to 360 feet. With up to 16 different frequencies and multiple power levels all changeable down hole, they provide a powerful and versatile array of options for end-users to match their drilling needs. Standard pairing with the Echo 50XF transmitter provides 16 frequency options from .325 kHz up to 41kHz. The sub kHz frequencies all but eliminate rebar and wire mesh interference up to 30-foot depth, and higher frequency options serve projects with depth and distance ranges up to 150 feet. The Echo 50XF is considered the standard go-to transmitter to cover 90% of all jobs out there from heavy rebar and wire mesh in concrete, to river and highway crossing requiring extra power for bore-to and extreme depths. For more info, see www.umaghdd.com.