Mate, Producer of Magnetic Compounds, Adds ‘Create Factory’ in Japan

Mate Co., Ltd., a developer and producer of magnetic compounds, has opened a new factory in Japan that adds to its research and manufacturing capabilites. The company specializes in producing both hard and soft magnetic compounds for injection molding, along with other functional composites.

Named the Create Factory, the new plant will serve as a backup to existing operations and also be used as a research and development site for designing new materials. Situated adjacent to its Mirai factory in Okayama, the new plant was completed in December 2021.

Hard magnetic compound from Mate

Mate produces bonded magnet compound (hard magnetic compound) for injection molding by mixing magnetic material and thermoplastic resin. It can be used for complex shapes, two-color molding and insert molding.

Soft magnetic compound from Mate

Another main product are soft magnetic compounds which are Injection moldable material consisting of metallic filler kneaded with resin.

Mate’s Mirai factory in Okayama

Now with more than 100 employees, Mate marked its 50th anniversary in 2020. Today its lines of business include ferrite magnet compound manufacturing, rare earth magnet compound manufacturing, also the manufacture of various composite compounds such as high specific gravity materials and electromagnetic shielding materials. It also provides molding support and custom material development services. For more info, see