May/June 2022 + Annual Resource Guide

Carraro Advances Electrification of Agricultural &Construction Machinery
Devoted to thoughtful and innovative engineering, agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer Carraro Group of Italy is bringing advancements in electrified mobility to workfields.

Paragraf’s Graphene Hall-Effect Sensors Open the Wallets of High-Tech Investors
Hall-Effect sensing is a sizeable business. Used to detect magnetic fields in many industries, it is estimated to be valued in the range of $1 billion-plus globally. So it should come as no surprise when an upstart player that could disrupt the current market while opening it to even more applications becomes prized by the investment community.

CFS Blazes Path to Fusion Power with Powerful Magnet and $1.8 Billion Funding
With more than $1.8 billion in blue-ribbon investor funding and successful demonstrations of the practicality of a record-powerful magnet, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, a spinoff from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is trailblazing a path toward commercializing fusion energy.

Scientists Uncover Surprising New Clues to Exotic Superconductors’ Superpowers
A research team has uncovered new clues into the exotic behavior of unconventional superconductors – devices that efficiently carry electrical current with zero resistance in ways that defy our previous understanding of physics.

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