ZHmag of China Appoints Former Siemens Exec as Strategic Consultant 

Appointment ceremony at ZHmag headquarters in Yantai 

It’s been a while, but we just learned that ZHmag, one of China’s major producers of neodymium magnets, has appointed Reinhold Schindler, formerly a top purchasing executive for Siemens, as a strategic consultant to the company. The move fits in with ZHmag’s ambitions to build its leadership position as a technically savvy business partner for global OEMs that are high-volume buyers of NdFeB magnets and permanent-magnetic components such as EV powertrains. 

Formerly the Director Purchasing Council Magnets & Rare Earth of Siemens, Schindler, was appointed to the position in November at a ceremony held at ZHmag headquarters in Yantai, located southeast of Beijing on the Yellow Sea. Now a consultant on rare earths and permanent magnet supply chain matters based in Nuremberg, Reinhold previously had a 35-year tenure with Siemens. 

At the ceremony, Zhiqjiang Li, president of ZHmag, reviewed the ten-year long friendship between each other and expressed his expectation that the new cooperation would open a new era. Schindler noted that he had been in contact with ZHmag for many years, highly recognized and trusted ZHmag, commented that ZHmag was a leader in the global permanent magnet industry, and hoped that ZHmag would continue to make its own contributions to the smart world and the green future. 

It is an honor for him to serve as the strategic consultant of ZHmag, and he is willing to jointly build a new ecology of international rare earth industry, in which each player could respect different opinions, could be stronger by collaboration, could utilize customer’s and supplier’s needs by awareness of strengths and weaknesses, said Schindler. 

Qingkai Wang, chairman, delivered a speech saying that ZHmag is committed to be a pioneer of the global permanent magnet industry. “Going global and internationalization” is a realistic need to achieve this goal, and also a long-term countermeasure to adapt to the changes in international political and economic situation. The appointment of Schindler as the strategic consultant of ZHmag aims to speed up the internationalization process of the company with the help of his valuable experience and extensive resources. He said that he believes the move will strengthen the internationalization of ZHmag and make the growth road broader. 

Zhenghai Plaza in Yantai 

A unit of Zhenghai Group, ZHmag (Yantai Zhenghai Magnetic Material Co. Ltd.) in recent years has built its technical prowess through continued research and development efforts and set up subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, Korea and USA to build a global footprint for the output of its five manufacturing facilities. For more info, see www.zhmag.com.