Vibrantz Now Encompasses Magnetic Portfolios of Ferro and Prince International  

Magnafloat product is used for magnetic separation in coal washing 

Amidst a diverse line of chemicals and advanced materials for color enhancement and industrial applications, the magnetic products of the former Ferro Corporation and Prince International now combine under the banner of Vibrantz Technologies, based in Houston. 

The roll-up is a result of the $2.1 billion acquisition of Ferro last year by Prince International and joining the two entities as Vibrantz. Also under the umbrella is Chromaflo Technologies, a provider of colorant technology solutions, another American Securities portfolio company. The new company begins as a global, diversified technology leader in advanced materials, color solutions and performance coatings with sales of approximately $2 billion, employing about 5,500 people and operating 64 manufacturing sites across six continents. 

It operates in three business segments: advanced materials including specialty mineral and chemical additives for end-uses such as alkaline and lithium-ion batteries, electronic components, building and construction, agriculture and animal nutrition, and foundries; color solutions including dry powder pigments, pigment dispersions and liquid colorants for the paints and coatings, thermoset plastics and thermoplastics, and construction markets; and performance coatings including high-performance glass coatings and porcelain enamel solutions for coatings, glass and other manufacturers. 

From Ferro comes an extensive line of specialty iron oxides. MagnaFloat from the Prince portfolio is a ferromagnetic mineral product used for magnetic separation in the coal washing process. Its high density, greater than 4.9, and superior magnetic content enables excellent efficiency in use through exceedingly high recovery rates, says the company, providing customers a lower cost per unit of raw coal. 

Iron and chromite products enhance color and technical performance 

3D effect waterborne coatings enable decorative effects for challenging designs for glass products making them more beautiful, decorative, and functional. 3D effect hydroglaslack coating exhibits a special feature due to its signature magnetic properties, creating a dynamic that results in astounding and unique three-dimensional images that provide fascinating depth effects within seconds. For more info, see