Bunting Magnetics Co. To Celebrate 60th Anniversary

On August 3rd, 2019, Bunting Magnetics Co. will be celebrating its 60th anniversary as a company. Bunting Magnetics Co. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of cutting-edge magnetic equipment used in applications such as magnetic separation, metal detection, conveyor systems, and magnetic printing cylinders. The main industries the company serves include the food and pharmaceutical industries, plastics, recycling, mining, printing, manufacturing, automotive, chemical, ceramics, and textiles.

Bob Bunting on a visit to Redditch facility in the UK 

Founded in 1959 by Walter F. Bunting in Chicago, Illinois (first store front pictured above), the company has remained family-owned and family-operated ever since.  Walter’s son, Bob Bunting, serves as the current president of the company, and Bob’s son, Robert Bunting Jr., serves as the general manager of the magnet materials division. Both father and son expressed great enthusiasm for the 60th anniversary of the company. 

“I think it’s very exciting that we’ve been able to achieve 60 years in business as a private, family owned company. It speaks very well to the dedication of our employees and the Bunting family as a whole,” said President Bob Bunting.“60 years is a huge milestone that a lot of companies never make it to,” added his son, Robert. “We have a truly incredible employee base, and it’s incredible to reflect on all of the hard work that’s been done over the years—it really speaks to the legacy of the company.” 

Bunting Magnetics Co Headquarters

Currently, Bunting Magnetics Co. is headquartered in Newton, Kansas with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Berkhamsted, UK; DuBois, Pennsylvania; Elk Grove Village, Illinois; Newton, Kansas; and Redditch, UK. This strong presence both at home and abroad has allowed the company to reach a wide range of customers and gain a reputation as a global magnetic force. 

Bunting Magnetics Co. products address unique challenges across a variety of different industries. For example, in the metal recycling industry, the Stainless-Steel Separation Conveyor has been designed to separate very slightly magnetized particles of stainless steel scrap, providing for higher purity separation of metals and increased profit. Within the food industry, Bunting has recently designed the CR-MLT, a corrosion-resistant magnetic liquid trap that separates contaminant metal particles from acidic liquids, such as tomato sauce and orange juice. For plastics companies, Bunting Magnetics Co. worked to develop the FF350 high-temp drawer magnet, which allows for metal separation in extremely high temperature plastics manufacturing. Bunting equipment allows customers to overcome conditions that would otherwise prevent them from achieving the highest level of quality in their operations.

“When customers come to us seeking solutions, we aim to create a product that will solve their exact problem,” the company said. “Considerations when developing our equipment include the types of materials that will be handled, the operating conditions of the facility, and providing operators within the facility with equipment that is safe, simple to use, and low maintenance. All of the products we sell are custom-designed by our in-house engineering team.” Bunting Magnetics Co states that it is looking forward to expanding its reach globally in the field of magnetic innovation.  

For more information, visit: www.buntingmagnetics.com