Ultra-Thin, Lightweight ‘Piezo Film Speaker’ for TVs, PCs, Tablets

Kyocera Corp. has developed an ultra-thin, lightweight (medium-size model thickness: 1 mm; weight: 7 g) audio device, called “Smart Sonic Sound.” The product is based on the company’s history of ceramic technology and utilizes a piezoelectric actuator combined with a special film to create a piezo film speaker. Smart Sonic Sound will not only contribute to making digital devices even thinner — such as flat-screen TVs, PCs and tablets — but also enhances audio quality for a much more realistic audio experience. Its low directivity characteristics broaden the sound projection range, providing 180° sound quality and bringing delicate and minute sounds to life.

This piezo actuator audio technology is being utilized in a flat-screen television for the first time*1 by LG Electronics, Inc. in the company’s new 55 inch curved-screen OLED TV.

Smart Sonic Sound comes in three different sizes (large, medium and small) and Kyocera plans to expand its use in a broad range of applications including digital devices and automotive applications with strict weight requirements.

Currently there is a growing demand for even further downsizing (thickness and weight) of flat-screen TVs, PCs and other digital devices. However, up until now there has been a limit to the achievable thinness of such devices due to the size of conventionally-used cone-shaped electromagnetic speakers, which has confined design and engineering layouts. Furthermore, as organic light-emitting displays (OLED) and 4K high-definition screens create a superior visual experience, it has become necessary for audio technology to rise to new heights as well.