AVX’s Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitors Available from Digi-Key

May5_AVXAVX Corp. has recently made its high-reliability, military-qualified ceramic and tantalum capacitors available for fast prototype delivery through Digi-Key.

Suited for a variety of military and aerospace applications, newly available high-reliability tantalum capacitor series include AVX’s Military Tantalum CWR09/11/19/29 and CWR15 series as well as its hermetically sealed TWC (MIL-PRF-39006) series of wet electrolytic tantalum capacitors.  Hi-Rel Mil-Spec ceramic solutions now available through DigiKey range from CDR (MIL-PRF-55681) and SMPS (MIL-PRF-49470) series to those with several DSCC/DLA and space-level MIL-PRF-123 specifications, providing a comprehensive offering of both leaded and surface mount microwave and stacked MLC capacitors.

“AVX is the global leader of Hi-Rel ceramic and tantalum capacitors,” said Mark Obuszewski, ceramic product manager at AVX.  “Making these product lines available through Digi-Key enables us to provide fast and efficient prototype delivery of our trusted mil-aero capacitor series to design engineers worldwide.”

AVX’s high-reliability ceramic capacitors available through Digi-Key feature capacitance levels spanning 0.1 pF to 1300 µF, rated voltages spanning 50 to 1,000 V, tolerances ranging from ±0.1 pF to ±5 percent, and operating temperatures ranging from -55°C to 150°C.  The military-qualified capacitors are available in four failure rates: M (1 percent), P (0.1 percent), R (0.01 percent), and S (0.001 percent), and several case sizes and packaging options are also available.

AVX’s high-reliability tantalum capacitors now available through Digi-Key feature capacitance levels spanning 0.1 µF to 1,500 µF, rated voltages spanning 4 to 125 V, ESRs spanning 18 mOhms to 22 Ohms, and ±10 percent, ±20 percent, and ±5 percent tolerances.  Available in three failure rates for the CWR series: B (0.1 percent), C (0.01 percent), and D (0.001 percent), AVX’s military-qualified tantalum capacitors are also available in several case sizes.

Pricing information is available at www.digikey.com, and most parts are available for immediate shipment.