Two Big Magnetic IC Portfolios Come Under One Roof as Infineon Technologies Acquires Cypress Semiconductor

Two semiconductor companies with extensive portfolios in magnetics technology are now under one roof with the acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor, based in San Jose, CA, by Infineon Technologies, headquartered in Munich. The 9 billion Euro deal closed in mid-April, bringing together a broad assortment of semiconductor technology in power electronics, magnetic sensing, motor control and magnetic memory. 

“The acquisition of Cypress is a landmark step in Infineon’s strategic development,” said Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss. “Together, we offer our customers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for linking the real with the digital world and shaping digitalization, one of the most important global trends. We serve as a trusted partner for customers and distributors and we are evolving from a leader in components to a leader in system solutions for the automotive, industrial and IoT markets.  

Cypress’ MagSense supports inductive sensing applications 

Cypress adds a differentiated portfolio of microcontrollers, connectivity components, software ecosystems and high-performance memories that is complementary to Infineon’s power semiconductors, automotive microcontrollers, sensors and security solutions, the company said. The acquisition makes Infineon one of the world’s top 10 semiconductor manufacturers. Already a leader in power semiconductors and security controllers, Infineon is now also becoming the number one semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry. 

Part of Infineon’s Xensiv line of magnetic position and speed sensors 

Cypress supports many inductive-sensing applications with its MagSense line that can be used to detect the presence of metallic or conductive objects. Applications that require detection through high-quality metal overlays, water-proofing, rotary and linear encoder functionality, and proximity sensing can be designed using MagSense. Infineon’s line of Xensiv ICs includes an extensive portfolio of magnetic position and speed sensors. 

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