Tech Tips: Types & Characteristics of Current Sensors, Explained by AKM 

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) cares a lot about how design engineers choose to sense current, especially using magnetic sensing based upon Hall elements such as with its line of Currentier sensors, whose structure is depicted above. In explaining its technology, AKM has come up with a helpful tutorial on the fundamental types of current sensors and their distinctive characteristics. Some of the key points are highlighted in this article while the complete presentation is available on the company’s website. […]

e-Power Technology

Accelerating Electric Machine Design for Optimal Performance 

By Edgar Matas Hidalgo, Siemens Digital Industries Software Introduction: In the high-speed race to electrification, the design process of electric machines presents engineers with several challenges to accelerate product development, sustainability, and overall electric system performance. […]

e-Power Technology

Tech Tips: Removing the Bottleneck in Welding Electrical Conductors for EVs 

The need to increase the rate of joining electrically conducting components has become critically important in the electric vehicle sector as it is emerging to be the bottleneck of manufacturing, according to Alex O’Farrell, development engineer with Cambridge Vacuum Engineering. As a maker of welding machinery, the UK-based company works close to the subject. In a recent presentation prepared for the 75th International Institute of Welding Annual Assembly & Conference in Tokyo, O’Farrell made his case for electron beam welding technology, highlighted here. […]


Tech Tips: Understanding the Different Kinds of Magnetic Properties 

Depending on how they interact with magnetic fields, most materials are classified as diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic, or antiferromagnetic. We love the article by Mike Gedeon, customer technical services manager of Materion Performance Alloys and Composites, that explains these different kinds of magnetic properties and related aspects such as magnetic susceptibility. A few highlights follow. […]


Tech Tips: Designing Magnetic Latches to Keep Electronics Secured 

Do you know that permanent magnets are behind the action for your detachable keyboard, the pencil that attaches to your tablet, and the wireless charging pad that attaches to your phone? Smart screen covers for phones, tablets, magnetically latching wall-mount security cameras and countless electronic devices in day-to-day life rely on permanent magnets for providing the magnetic attaching mechanism.  […]