23-bit Absolute TMR Magnetic Rotary Encoder Showcased at Sensors+Test 2024 

MultiDimension Technology (MDT-Dowaytech) will showcase the TMR3110 at Sensors+Test 2024, the latest advancement in magnetic rotary encoders tailored for precise industrial control applications.  Key Features:  Versatile Output Interfaces: The encoder is equipped with configurable SPI, […]

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Magnetic Encoder Onboard Trinamic Motion Control Module

Trinamic has introduced a small, low-power servo control module with integrated motion control for stepper motors that features an on-board magnetic encoder. The single-axis controller-driver module is designed for two-phase bipolar stepper motors used in robotics and automation equipment. It optimizes speed and synchronization […]


Heidenhain Speeds Up Angle Encoders

Heidenhain, the Germany-based manufacturer of magnetic and optical encoders, has introduced smarter and faster versions of its RCN absolute angle encoders series for use in machine tools. With permissible speeds are up to three times higher than older RCN encoders, the […]


As Small as a Finger, Magnetic Angle Sensor from ASM Can Fit into Door Hinges

Narrow and slim installation spaces in industrial applications require special sensor designs especially when they must withstand harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dirt and intensive cleaning processes. ASM Sensors of Germany has developed a very small new angle sensor for meeting these requirements. […]


Dual Angle Sensor (XMR and Hall) Demo Board for Magnetic On-Axis Serial Absolute Multiturn Encoder

The new development board PVL3M provides an XMR sensor (AMR angle sensor AA746C from Sensitec) in combination with the multiturn Hall sensor iC-PVL from iC-Haus for on-axis absolute angle measurement and revolution counting. Evaluation of […]

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May 2012

R&D Results – The Development of a High Accuracy Multipole Strip Magnet for Non-Contact Linear and Rotary Position Measurement Beyond the High-Speed Hard Drive: Topological Insulators Open a Path to Room-Temperature Spintronics MEDER electronic, Inc. […]